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chicken ranch casino bingo is bach!
july 9
how to play
Due to social distancing protocols and resulting new capacity limitations, we will be taking reservations only.

  • For reservations, please call (209) 984-9701 to secure your seats.

  • If you are reserving more than one spot, please specify the exact number of Guests in your party.

  • Once a reservation is finalized, it may not be updated to add additional Guests.

  • Reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and must be placed at least 24-hours prior to your desired date of play.

  • If you are attending Bingo with family or friends and would like to sit together, please make sure you mention that as well when making your reservation.


  • Chicken Ranch Bingo is enforcing proper sanitization and social distancing protocols.

  • All Guests must check-in at least 45 minutes prior to the start of Bingo or the reservation will be cancelled.

  • Please note that as part of state and local COVID-19 regulations and guidance, Guests must maintain social distancing while waiting in line and inside Bingo.

  • Please plan your arrival to allow adequate time for a required temperature screening and queuing in the line.

  • Masks are required for Bingo.

Disclaimer: Reservation no-shows may temporarily restrict ability to reserve again.
Buses are temporarily on hold.

Double Days
WEDNESDAYS Double Silver $140 THURSDAYS Double Gold $165 Fridays Double platinum $195 KING & Queen bingo | fridays One lady and one gentleman are drawn via a Hot Seat Drawing. Each will choose their lucky number for the evening, then every time their number is called, they must yell “I LOVE CHICKEN RANCH BINGO!” and they will receive $5 off their next Buy-In (win up to $50, one for every regular game only). saturdays & Sundays Bingo on a double number on any Early Bird and get a double pay out! Birthday Bingo Did we miss your Birthday?
If you had a Birthday in April, May or June present your I.D. at the time of your
Buy-In and receive $5 off your Buy-In.