COVID 19 Safety Measures | How Chicken Ranch Is Keeping You Safe

Chicken Ranch Casino

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Our goal is to go above and beyond to make sure you can play the games you love while being safe during these challenging times. As we open to the public, we have developed a system of safety measures for both our Team Members and our Guests to adhere to.

Here is How We Are Keeping You Safe

  • Your temperature will be checked prior to entering the Casino.
  • A mask will be required at all times.
  • Some machines will be turned off while others will have plexiglass barriers installed to create proper social distancing.
  • The number of seats in the Ranch House Restaurant will be reduced to maintain proper social distancing.
  • The entire Casino will be smoke-free. However, an area near the event hall will be designated for smoking.

For more in depth details on our safety procedures, click here.

Table Games Safety Measures

Our team at Chicken Ranch Casino has worked tirelessly to ensure that we maintain a safe work environment for our Team Members and Guests.
To that end, we have done our part in Table Games to make this as safe and as easy a transition as possible. Unfortunately, we are facing a “new normal” in the industry, as such we here in Table Games at Chicken Ranch Casino have implemented new protocols and procedures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all personnel and Guests. On top of the safeguards already implemented throughout the Casino, Table Games has:

  • Moved tables to allow for social distancing between Guests
  • Implemented a THREE-PLAYER MAX per table policy
  • Disallowed Guests from gathering to watch at the table or behind actively gaming Guests

Instituted a new cleaning/sanitizing program for all gaming tables and equipment
Some unfortunate repercussions regarding the “new normal” is that we will be suspending our Blackjack Tournament, our $2 Tuesday and any active promotion indefinitely.
In the end, we are proud of our staff here at Chicken Ranch Casino and realize this will be an adjustment for everyone moving forward. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Tables!

Christoph Phipps
Table Games Manager

Bingo Safety Measures

The new social distancing and maximum capacity guidelines severely limit the number of players that can enter the Event Hall. Therefore, entrance into the Event Hall is based on Reservations. Once we hit capacity, no additional players will be permitted to enter.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • There will be an increased number of hand sanitizing dispensers available throughout the Event Hall for Guest use.
  • Workstations will be sanitized every half hour.
  • PhDs will be sanitized thoroughly before and after each session.
  • All Team Members & Guests must wear a mask and clear (non-opaque) gloves will be used while handling cash.
  • Team Members will wash or disinfect their hands upon any physical exchange with other Team Members, Guests or items in the Event hall.
  • POS terminals will be sanitized every half hour.


Physical Distancing

  • All Guests must have their temperature taken by the body temperature kiosk prior to entry.
  • Floor Clerks will manage physical distancing at admissions while Guests wait to buy-in.
  • Tables will be utilized with appropriate physical distancing (Reservations required).
  • Players from the same reservation may sit together if requested at the time the reservation was made. Otherwise, proper social distancing guidelines must be adhered to.
  • Team Members will be reminded to practice proper social distancing from Guests and other Team Members whenever possible.
  • The packaging room will be limited to two Team Members at a time.
  • The Caller may remove mask while calling Bingo balls.