Chicken Ranch Casino Blackjack Tournament Series

Buy-in and sign-ups from 5 – 8 p.m. The tournament kicks off at 6:15 p.m. at the Table Games Pit.
Complimentary appetizers with buy-in!
  • It’s all about your score! Highest scores (top 5) move onto the final table, + the one winning draw player from buy-in entries
  • All games will use 52 card decks
  • Buy-in cost $25
  • Initial buy-in player receives $500 in tournament chips
  • Optional $5 dealer appreciation – receive an additional $200 in tournament chips
  • Unlimited $10 re-buys (while sign-ups are open)
  • Once you lose all your chips (or) after the round has ended, you can re-buy into the next available round
  • Players may forfeit their chips
  • Each round is 12 hands
  • If all players are not present at the beginning of a round, an announcement will be made. Players will have five minutes (after the announcement) to take their seats or they will be eliminated from the round. Eliminated players may still re-buy, but eliminated players forfeit their buy-in
  • In the event of a tie; a tie breaker round will be played consisting of three hands and $300 in tournament chips. First base is randomly selected and moves one place to the dealer’s right after each hand.
  • The five highest chip counts of all rounds will continue to the final round. One additional finalist will be randomly selected. All players in the tournament will receive one entry for every buy-in and one entry for every re-buy to be entered in the random finalist drawing. Sign-ups end at 8:15 p.m.

The Final Round

  • Round begins  after the last initial “chip count” round has ended
  • The final round consists of 18 hands
  • Players will receive $500 in tournament chips. First base is randomly selected and moves one place to the dealer’s right after each hand

In the event where multiple players bust out (lose all their chips), players will be placed in accordance to who busts out first. Example: There are four players left and two bust out in the same hand; the first player to bust out is in 4th place and the second player is in 3rd

Tournament Rules

  • Tournament Promotion is open to all Casino guests eighteen (18) years of age and older.
  • Winners are responsible for any federal or state income taxes associated with prizes.
  • By participating in promotions at Chicken Ranch Casino all winners agree to give Chicken Ranch Casino permission to take photos and/or video and use their name for advertising and publicity purposes. All winners must fill out a photo release and will receive no additional compensation.
  • No “table talk” (e.g. talking about strategy, counting for other players, coaching, etc.) while rounds are in play.
  • English only at the table.
  • The initial hand signal seen by the dealer will be final.
  • All tournament chips must be stacked by color, visible by all players.
  • When making a bet; any chips entering the betting circle will be wagered (up to the table max, no string bets).
  • There will be no adding to or removing from a bet (no “string bets”).
  • No printed or mechanical aids allowed.
  • Blackjack pays 2:1, no even money, no insurance.
  • No surrendering.
PlaceAmount Won
1st Place$1,200
2nd Place$500
3rd Place$300
4th - 6th Place$100

*Fourth place receives any remainder of 10%

Disclaimer: Chicken Ranch Casino reserves all rights to modify or cancel any promotion at any time without prior notice. Any rule or procedure relating to the Players Club or Table Games may be changed, modified or canceled by Chicken Ranch Casino at any time at its discretion. Chicken Ranch Casino reserves all rights. All decisions by Chicken Ranch Casino are final and binding.

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