Pro Football Challenge


From September 6 – January 3, 2020 Players Club members can swipe their card at the Pro Football Challenge kiosk and pick NFL games for the upcoming week. The top ten (10) finishers each week win cash and FREE PLAY. The end of the season Grand Prize Winner must qualify with 205 correct picks to win $100,000. If no Grand Prize Winner is chosen, top performer wins $1,000 top prize.

Official Rules:

Beginning Sunday, September 6 at 9 a.m. Players Club members will be able to swipe their cards and pick NFL games for the upcoming week of games. Players will be able to swipe their cards each day after earning five (5) points with a daily bonus pick after earning an additional 100 points. Points must be earned the day of the pick. At the end of each week the best card will be entered as their pick for the week.

Each week any player with ten (10) correct games or more will receive $10 in Free Play. Free Play will be loaded the following Tuesday on Players Club cards by 10 a.m. Unused Free Play expires the following Sunday at 9 a.m.

Highest scores each week will be awarded as follows and must be redeemed at Players Club:

1St – $200

2nd – $100

3rd – $50

4th – 10th – $25 Free Play

In the event of a tie, Monday night’s game score total will be used as a tiebreaker. If a tie still exists, the winner will be decided by which player first submitted their picks in the system.

End of the season grand prize is $100,000. To qualify, an eligible contestant must pick 205 winners of the NFL games presented throughout the promotion (perfect score is 236) using their best entries of each week. If NO player qualifies to win the top Prize, the following prizes will be distributed at the end of the season:

1st – $1000

2nd – $500

3rd – $250

4th – 10th – $100 Free Play

If there is a $100,000 winner, then the following prizes will be distributed at the end of the season:

2nd – $1000

3rd – $500

4th – $250

5th – 10th – $100 Free Play

Disclaimer: All grand prize-winning plays are subject to verification by Odds On Promotions whose decisions are final and binding. The memory logs of the promotional software are the sole determinants of a contestant being an insured prize winner. Entry receipts and reports are used for informational purposes only and will not be considered in determining if a contestant is an insured prize winner. Agents, successors or assignees of Chicken Ranch Casino or any promotional agency involved with this promotion shall be ineligible to participate and/or claim any prize covered within. Names and likenesses of promotion winner(s) may be used by Chicken Ranch Casino and Odds On Promotional for promotional purposes without further compensation.