Unpossible Burger Challenge


Stop by the Ranch House Restaurant and try our Unpossible Burger Challenge for only $39.95. If you finish in 45 minutes or less, you and up to 2 others eat for free*.
And don’t forget about the 2lbs. of fries, 4oz. of sidewinders and 4 pickles on the plate.

*Appetizer, entree and dessert each, no to-go orders and everyone must be present.

Must be 18 years old or a minor accompanied by an adult. Promotional images not to scale or representative of the official Unpossible burger (but it’s probably the size of your head and neck combined). Participant has 45 minutes to finish the entire plate of food. Timer begins at the Server’s mark. Don’t forget to breathe. Regurgitation or distribution means disqualification. See Ranch House Restaurant Team Member for further details.