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How old do I have to be to play at Chicken Ranch Casino?

Chicken Ranch Casino is currently ages 18+ for gambling, including Table Games.

What are your latest promotions?

Check our Promotions page for the latest promotions, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Can I bring my pet or emotional support animal into the Casino?

Under the ADA Chicken Ranch Casino allows the use of certified service animals.

Do you have buses or public transportation to Chicken Ranch Casino?

We do, but currently, due to covid restrictions and safety measures, we are not running buses. This might change in the future though.

Can you sit and eat in the Casino?

Yes, we have our Ranch House Restaurant as well as The Roost. Eating at the machines is also available with the Casino Floor Menu options.

What are the restaurant hours in the Casino?

Please visit our Dining page to see our current hours at both the Ranch House Restaurant and The Roost.

What time is Players Club open?

Sunday – Thursday | 9AM-11PM and Friday – Saturday | 9AM-1AM

Are kids welcome in the dining locations?

Yes, as long as they are accompanied by an adult 18+. Children and minors are not allowed to play or loiter on the gaming floor.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24hrs / 7 days a week (except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when we have limited hours).
Table Games is closed daily from 6am – 10am.
Check our Contact Us page for more info.

What day does FREE PLAY get added to my card?

This varies, depending on your individual account. It is best to ask Players Club when visiting the Casino for the specifics on your FREE PLAY offers.

Is there a way to check the balance of FREE PLAY on my card online?

Not currently, we are working on that. For now, there are 3 ways to check: Go to Players Club, use the Kiosk or put your card into a machine to see your available FREE PLAY credits.

Can I smoke in the Casino?

Chicken Ranch Casino is 100% smoke-free. However, we do have a great outdoor smoking area located just outside the Players Club exit doors.

Are masks still required?

Currently, there is no mask mandate in the Casino. You are free to wear a mask if you choose and we encourage that choice. We offer free disposable masks if you request one or you can wear your own.

Do you have accommodations or activities for children?

Unfortunately, not at this time. And please note that children cannot be left unattended to anywhere on our property or in the surrounding area.

Do you have a hotel?

There is no hotel or overnight accommodations on the property “yet”. We do have the Jamestown Hotel located about 2 miles north in downtown Jamestown.

What Table Games do you offer?

Chicken Ranch Casino currently offers variations of Poker, Pai Gow, Spanish 21 and Blackjack. More info can be found on our Tables Game page.

How do I get my Tax Information Request Form?

You can email [email protected] to request it, you can go to the cage and request it when you are here at the Casino or you can download the form on the Players Club page on our website.

What are the hours of operation for Bingo?

Bingo is open from Wednesday – Sunday. Bingo sales open at 4PM and games begin at 6:30PM from Wednesday – Friday and sales open at 10:30AM and games begin at 1:30PM on Saturday & Sunday.

Do you have electronic Bingo machines?

Yes, we do have electronic PhD™ packages and boosters that you can purchase to use instead of the traditional paper and ink dauber.

What is the least expensive Bingo Buy-In?

Bronze packages start at $75.