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Welcoming to all newcomers and experienced card players, our friendly table games staff delivers you the fun and excitement of classic casino gaming around the clock. And with all your favorites on the felt to choose from, you’re certain to find some thrill in all the nonstop action, energy and style. Pull up a chair, get into the game and make your play!



Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em is an exciting twist on the standard Texas Hold ‘Em game. In this exciting new variation, players compete solely against the dealer, rather than against other players. Players can bet aggressively and the earlier they bet, the more they can win! You and the dealer each receive two cards called hole cards. In addition, the dealer puts a total of 5 cards in the middle of the table called community cards. You and the dealer make the best five card poker hand with the hole cards and the community cards received. Players that wagers on the Trips Bonus side bet and are dealt three of a kind or better will be paid based on the table below. The player is eligible for the Trips Bonus whether they win, tie or lose the hand.

ROYAL FLUSH (A, K, Q, J, 10) Same Suit - 50 to 1
STRAIGHT FLUSH (5 in a Sequence and Suited) - 40 to 1
FOUR OF A KIND (4 of Same Kind) - 30 to 1
FULL HOUSE (3 of Same Kind and 1 Pair) - 8 to 1
FLUSH (5 of Same Suit) - 7 to 1
STRAIGHT (5 in a Sequence) - 4 to 1
TRIPS (3 of Same Kind) - 3 to 1



Everybody’s favorite Table Games staple. Easy to learn and always exciting, the object of the game is simple, be dealt a hand that beats the dealers in numerical value, just don’t “bust” or go over 21. Come play one of our traditional 6 deck hand shuffle “shoe” games where your cards are dealt face up or pit yourself against the dealer on our double deck “pitch” game and control your own destiny with the cards dealt face down. Feeling Chicken? You can always surrender half your bet on the first two cards. Buster Bet: The Buster Blackjack side bet allows players to win odds when the dealer busts. The odds-based payouts are determined by the number of cards in the dealer’s busted hand.



Ante up to get five cards on this riveting casino classic. Spread your cards fast or slow and make a four card poker hand out of the five cards you were dealt. The dealer gets six cards to make a four card hand. Feeling lucky? Double or triple your ante bet on the play and don’t forget to bet the Aces up! Optionally of course, but you will always get paid for a bonus if you have one, even if you lose the hand.



There are many different ways to win on this exciting stud poker game. Ante up and receive three cards. If you like your hand then bet the “play” and go against the dealer's three cards. Add the Pair Plus side bet to give yourself even more options for winning. A pair or better always wins on this one. Don’t like the strength of your hand? Well if you bet the 6 Card Bonus it doesn’t matter, even if you fold, you’re still in the game. Combine your three cards and the dealer's three to make a 5 card poker hand, and maximize the ways you can win.



Winning would be easy if you could see what the dealer was hiding in their hand… Wait… What?! They deal Pai Gow face up? Yes, that’s right. Come play our exciting new Pai Gow game and we will set our hand before you do and dare you to beat it. Don’t sweat getting a dreaded Ace-High ever again, place an optional side bet, and if you and dealer both get an Ace-High Pai Gow, cash out on some sweet odds. Want a chance to win a Jackpot for just a cluck? I mean buck… Optional $1 Progressive bet with the pot starting at $10,000!



Have you ever wanted to hit that split Ace just one more time? Ever hit to 21 only to have the dealer draw out to 21 as well? Then come play our Spanish 21! The fastest and most exciting version of Blackjack offered anywhere, with more options to win than ever before! Double down up three times, rescue half of your bet and hit those split Ace’s as many times as you want! Either of your cards match the dealers upcard? Get paid odds on the Match the Dealer bet! Don’t forget, you can win up to $5,000 with no side bet required!! Come give Spanish 21 a try and never push on 21 again! Progressive Jackpots now in play!


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